What’s your vision?

Vision is…You. Representing your interests and taking actionable steps toward progress. Over the past few months, we have met with over 40 stakeholders on campus — groups of students and individuals with concerns and roles affected by policies at IU.

We have listened. We have developed actionable changes that you want to see and have incorporated them into our policy platform. But we are not done! We are still meeting with students to ensure we are actively advocating for the vision YOU have for Indiana University.


our policy areas make up the 8 focal points of vision

Read below for the individual policies in each area,

and check out our platform to read our first steps in office

- built by the students for the students -

Equity and Inclusion

  • Establish a Middle and Near Eastern Cultural Center

  • Faculty Resources for Minority and International Students

  • Renaming Jordan Hall

  • Wells Library International Flag Display

    • Provide event space for unhoused NPHC and MCGC fraternities and sororities

    • Establish a Prayer/Meditation Room in Wells Library

    • Promote creating LGBTQ+ identity-based groups specific to schools

    • Institute more inclusive programming geared towards International students post orientation

    • Connection of Equity and Diversity offices of various colleges across campus


Student engagement and transparency

  • Administrative Transparency

  • Freshmen Education on Greek Organizations

  • Monthly IUSG Town Halls

    • Investigate funding schemes student government can invest in to bolster student organizations


Greek life

  • Change the Greek agreement to increase chapter autonomy

  • Codify relationship between Greek houses, advisers from the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and the Office of Student Conduct, to promote transparency in judicial proceedings - students should know what is happening before seeing it online or in the paper

  • Encourage IU to institute organizational amnesty in cases that chapters call the authorities in response to a life threatening emergency - students should not be punished for doing the right thing


Health and Wellbeing

  • Wright Residence Hall Improvement and Renovation

  • Suicide Hotline Lifeline on back of Crimson Cards

    • Increase Signage in IC and SRSC to Educate Users on the Benefits of Each Piece of Equipment

    • Create an Easy to Use Dietary Facts Downloadable PDF for diabetic students

    • Increase campus lighting to promote safety and comfort while traversing campus at night


Student life

  • Extended Dining Hall Hours

  • Graduation Cap & Gown Buyback Program


Academic Affairs

  • Indiana University Music Business Program

  • World Culture General Education Requirement & Trips Abroad



  • Ensure all events sponsored by student government are “green” certified

    • Educate students how to recycle with photo examples and listed steps of where to dispose of what

    • Introduce composting to all dining facilities

    • Promote transparency in IU recycling processes

    • Advocate for a plastic free campus

    • Sustainable living orientation event


Government relations

  • Amend the Indiana Lifeline Law

  • Continue to advocate for Hate Crime Legislation for the state of Indiana

    • Improving student representation and voice in City of Bloomington decision-making processes