On Our Radar

Vision is dedicated to understanding and researching issues that students at IU-Bloomington face. We also want to communicate to students that we are aware of issues, show transparency in our efforts to combat them, and assure students we are fighting for them. Often issues are beyond the scope of student government, but that does not mean we cannot bring those problems to the top of administrators’ agendas. This is a page to hold us accountable to students to make sure we are up to date on issues and show that we are working behind the scenes to advocate for the best interest of the students.





Vision is concerned about the obstacles ahead surrounding the mold situation in some residence halls and the renovations in these hall over the next few years. As a result, we are concerned for the upcoming freshman class and the disenfranchisement that upperclassmen who wanted to live on campus but cannot may occur. We are interested in knowing about efforts that IU is making to reach those students and accommodate their needs.





The Office of Parking Regulations does not have clear policies that are well understood or accessible to students. Students are ticketed and towed for parking in places after hours on campus where they are under the impression parking is allowed. We need more transparency from Parking Operations and more student input in decisions regarding parking passes and pricing, especially in the upcoming year given the mold situation when students will be living in IU dorms that are farther from campus.

The general consensus we have gotten from students is that there is not enough central parking on campus. Commuters taking the bus have to walk to the stadium or outskirts of campus to get around. Parking passes are expensive. Vision would like to see an affordable, centrally located parking space open to anyone, with a pass or not.




Vision is concerned that the IMU dining does not accept iBucks during peak lunch hours (11am - 1:30pm). Although accepting iBucks at all is a huge accomplishment in the last year, we want to make sure eating on campus is affordable for students. This rule seems to aim at getting students to pay more money for wanting to buy food during lunch. We want to improve upon this policy.

Insurance at the Health Center

The IU Health Center (IUHC) only accepts two forms of insurance, leaving students who do not have those two types to pay out of network or seek medical care off campus. We understand that this issue is complex — we’re committed to working with Health Center and IU administrators to include students in ongoing conversations about insurance and IUHC funding. One of the two insurance plans IUHC accepts is currently under review, and we will advocate for students to be present in decision-making conversations.


Busing is frustrating for students who live on and off campus. Trekking to and from campus in unpredictable weather is not ideal, but it does need to be a safe alternative for students. Vision wants to stay on top of proper lighting on campus so students feel safe no matter where they are going at any point in the day. Vision would like to see a bus reach the SRSC, as well as an alternative route to trip down traffic between the stadium and Kelley stops. We are actively looking into these alternatives and intend to bring students’ to the Office of Transportation when elected.


After hearing the testimony from the Piazza family, who lost their son to hazing, Vision hopes to open conversations with the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life about what measures are already in place to keep our students safe. Furthermore, Vision is interested in learning more about alcohol and drug amnesty for students and organizations who report instances of hazing and if this model may work at IU. Vision also hopes to be in contact with advisers of non-greek organizations to better understand what policies and reporting mechanisms exist for other organizations.

and more…

  • Communication across University offices

  • Changing the name of the Intramural Center (formally the WIC)

  • CAPS wait time

  • Quality of life in residence halls

  • Prayer spaces for Muslim students

  • Improving the Greek Agreement and communication between Greek communities, the Office of Student Conduct, and the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life

  • Disenfranchisement and lack of resources for International students

  • SOA change over and organization finances